Voice Lessons are one-on-one lessons that help develop your singing technique, stage presence, and over-all performance skills.


Think of voice lessons like going to the gym, and a voice teacher as your personal trainer. You will do vocal exercises that help expand your lung capacity, range, flexibility, resonance, tone, and the overall size of your voice. These exercises will be customized to help you with the style of singing you enjoy most.

Technique and sounding good is just half the journey to becoming a skilled performer. Students also learn how to sing with a mic, move on stage, and convey emotion in order to nail those power ballads!

Whether you're interested in learning to develop range, power, belting, falsetto, riffs/runs, or singing in tune, voice lessons can help anyone learn how to sing!

Voice students are welcome to perform at our monthly Open Mic Night at SoulFood CoffeeHouse every second Wednesday of the month and are accompanied on piano by Cody Gouge. 

In addition to monthly Open Mic Nights, students also are welcome to participate in two student recitals a year, masterclasses, volunteer retirement home performances, karaoke nights, and many other performance opportunities through Cody Gouge Music Studio. 

Voice Lessons


TV shows like "The Voice" have tricked the world into thinking that people are either born with good singing voices or bad singing voices. This is not true! You can train your voice just like you can train your body.

Voice and Piano Teacher Dora Barnes performing with her band.

Singing Lessons

Cody Gouge Music Studio provides the best one-on-one voice lessons based on your personalized goals.  read more

Our Instructors

All Cody Gouge Music Studio instructors are professional musicians with individual styles. They are each experts in their fields of specialty. read more

Piano Lessons

  • Learn to Read Music
  • Play Classical and Contemporary
  • Accelerated pace for gifted students
  • Perform regularly
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