Piano Lessons are one-on-one lessons that train students to read music, develop musicality, and play with skillful technique.


We use carefully planned repertoire to challenge students to play with techniques which will allow them to play advanced classical music or contemporary piano pieces.

Piano is called a gateway instrument because it helps teach fundamentals of music and music theory. Young children can take piano lessons to learn how to read music and transfer that knowledge to another instrument when they are older.

We suggest that all children take piano lessons in order to train their musical ear and to develop an appreciation for music. All children interested in studying voice also study piano. 

Music has changed since the days of Bach and Mozart, so the way we teach it should too! Students learn both contemporary and classical pieces so that they can be well-versed in both genres.

​Students are welcome to perform at two recitals a year as well as other performances through Cody Gouge Music Studio.

Piano lessons take place on a grand piano in order to help students develop the finger strength and musical sensitivity to play with weighted keys.

Singing Lessons

Cody Gouge Music Studio provides the best one-on-one voice lessons based on your personalized goals.  read more

Piano Lessons

Our Instructors

All Cody Gouge Music Studio instructors are professional musicians with individual styles. They are each experts in their fields of specialty. read more


Piano Lessons

  • Learn to Read Music
  • Play Classical and Contemporary
  • Accelerated pace for gifted students
  • Perform regularly
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