Piano Lessons

  • Learn to Read Music
  • Play Classical and Contemporary
  • Accelerated pace for gifted students
  • Perform regularly
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"No other music school helps take you from the practice room to the stage like Cody Gouge Music Studio."

"I used to be really nervous and shy to sing in front of other people. Over the passed year the size of my voice has really grown and it's exciting to start getting solos in choir."

Hannah B., Student

Cody Gouge Music Studio was founded on the belief that everyone is capable of becoming an artist and musician with the right training and tools.


Over the past two years, our staff has helped more than 100 students follow their passions and achieve their dreams. We ensure that students get a core foundation in technique that translates to confidence on stage.

With 15 years of performance experience, Cody Gouge founded CGMS in order to provide an effective way for students to receive a well-rounded music education while being able to explore their personal interests. From traditional student recitals to contemporary open mic nights, students have a wide range of outlets to experiment with different performing styles and genres. 

Cody Gouge acts as the head teacher of curriculum, repertoire, and planning. He works alongside specialized experts who help students explore the genres and styles they're interested in. All students study and work with Cody as well as the other teachers in their fields of interest.

About Us

"I started taking voice lessons because singing was something I always wanted to do growing up. It is so much fun getting to perform every month at the open mic nights and I've become really close with the other students. Music is now a part of my identity and I couldn't live without it."

Kyle R., Student

Our Instructors

All Cody Gouge Music Studio instructors are professional musicians with individual styles. They are each experts in their fields of specialty. read more

  • Biannual Student Recitals
  • Biannual Volunteer Retirement Home Performances   
  • Monthly Open Mic Night Performances 
  • Specialized Teachers 
  • Affordable Pricing 

"My daughter is 9 years old and has studied with Cody for two years now. She wanted lessons because she liked singing to Disney movies, but Cody has pushed her to sing Broadway and now she is incredible. I didn't think my daughter could sing like that!"

Amanda S., Parent


Singing Lessons

Cody Gouge Music Studio provides the best one-on-one voice lessons based on your personalized goals.  read more